Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

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At Zimco, we believe it is important to look after each other, our communities and to protect the environment. Our health, safety and environmental responsibilities are at the heart of what we do and wherever we operate. As leaders of the business, we are committed to having accountable, visible leadership and ensuring sufficient resources and support are available to enable you to help us meet our goals:

No incidents, no impact to people or property and continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

We are committed to encouraging the behaviours and attitudes that will drive our "Safe for Life" culture throughout our business.
We will achieve this by:

  • Working with each other to prevent all work-related incidents, injuries and illnesses.
  • Developing the skills and knowledge, through training, to work in a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible way.
  • Learning from both our successes and incidents and sharing what we learn to contribute to continual improvements in our operations.
  • Operating our businesses in compliance with the law and seeking opportunities to achieve best practice.
  • Setting targets and measuring our performance against our objectives.
  • Operating our plants sustainably and minimising our environmental footprint by reducing our consumption of resources and energy, our emissions and waste.
  • Providing the resources and support to meet our commitments.
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We will monitor our progress against the targets we set. Our management systems and operating procedures will be regularly reviewed to ensure our working practices safeguard our people, the environment and effectively manage sustainability issues. Our performance will be verified by regular independent third-party audits. The Board of Directors is committed to ensuring our activities are conducted in accordance with this policy.

Employees are encouraged to support each other to uphold these principles. Only by working together and being personally accountable will we achieve our goals. We are committed to continuous improvement in our Group HSE processes and programmes to achieve our goals of no accidents, all employees and associates with blood-lead concentration levels below 10ug/dl, maximising respirator free zones, no harm to the environment and to operate waste free processes.

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