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Lead operations include a secondary lead smelter producing soft lead and bespoke lead alloys, a lead processing plant ...


Industrial operations include mines extracting and processing base minerals, an industrial foam manufacturer, a plastic ...

Social Responsibility

The Group Board of Directors together with Management acknowledges the inherent value of broad-based black...

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Health Safety Environmental

At Zimco, we believe it is important to look after each other, our communities and to protect the environment...

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Conflict Minerals

In 2012, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (‘SEC’) issued rules regarding “Conflict Minerals”...

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The Zimco group are committed to Recruit, develop, remunerate and retain top human capital to pro-actively...

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The Zimco Group

The Zimco Group is South Africa's leading producer of lead (Pb) and lead products and industrial and base minerals, a major producer and supplier of zinc, aluminium metal and alloys, related chemicals and engineering plastics

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