G&W Base & Industrial Minerals is the leading southern African supplier of a wide range of speciality industrial minerals used as fillers, extenders, carriers and pigments in primary manufacturing industries. The product range includes bentonite, kaolin, talc, barytes, limestone, ceramic clays, formulated ceramic bodies, coal dust and several natural pigments

G&W's products are used in:
  • the manufacture of paint (talc, kaolin and barytes)
  • ceramics and refractories (formulated clays, kaolin, talc, pigments and plastic clays)
  • iron foundries and ore pelletising (bentonite and coal dust)
  • rubber and plastics (talc and kaolin
  • the automotive industry (barytes and talc)
  • the manufacture of window putty (limestone).
G&W's products address the control of toxic seepage from landfill and other waste disposal facilities with a variety of clay-based products such as Envirobent, which can be used as natural environmentally-friendly impervious liners for landfills, dams, reservoirs and other civil engineering applications.

G&W mills, blends and bags its own mineral products and provides these services to customers.

G&W was established in 1951 and has several mines around South Africa. Its central production and warehousing facility in Wadeville, near Johannesburg, enjoys ISO 9002-accreditation.